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Want to entertain the kids for a few minutes with a nice short, funny story?

When Oliver Todd wakes up with a Saucepan stuck firmly on his head, he thinks, at first that - surely things can't get any worse... or can they?

The Boy with the Saucepan Hat features a Boy and a Saucepan, some worried parents, a cute baby sister and a loyal best mate, Alan. This is a story about what happens when the unfortunate Oliver Todd takes his head (and the saucepan which is stuck on that head) to the local Accident and Emergency Department.

It's a great new funny book for kids! Listen to it right here, right NOW!

Buy it here!...

The Boy with the Saucepan Hat

25 pages with Full Colour Illustrations. Printed on 170 gsm silk finished paper. 198mm x 129mm

New Book - The Boy with the Saucepan Hat by Martyn Harvey

Only £4.99 (VAT exempt)

+ £0.00 postage and packing

The Boy with the Saucepan Hat

Buying for friends and family? Discounts on multiple copies. 25 pages Full Colour. 170 gsm silk paper 198mm x 129mm

New Book - The Boy with the Saucepan Hat by Martyn Harvey

+ £0.00 postage and packing

More Stories to listen to...

My Grandad's Balloon

When Grandad starts spending a lot of time down at his garden shed, everyone wonders what he's up to? Eventually, he reveals the contraption he's been building, late into the night: A marvellous, wonderful giant balloon - in which he intends to ride up to the Moon!

A heart-warming story about an eccentric inventor and his final attempt to realise his dreams: "Never give up!" he cries as it lifts off.

Elsie Green (and her Trampoline)

Elsie Green is a bit of a spoilt kid! She gets everything she wants, including an enormous trampoline that's "...22 feet tall and wide - with a big green net, to keep Elsie inside"

At first, eveything goes well - until one day, while Mum and Dad are cooking dinner, she bounces... just a little too high!

Let's just say that she's... "Out of circulation" for a while (stuck on the moon!)

A lovely little story with a moral about the importance of good manners!

Uncle Jack and the Bumblebee

So, there I was, cleaning my house one day when a bumblebee buzzed in and started buzzing around my living room. So, I opened the window to let the bumblebee out... and in came a bird!!!

Now - a bird in the house, is NOT a good thing! But just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, who shows up?... Yes - My Uncle Jack!

I should tell you a thing or two about my Uncle Jack - he has been round the world - to the jungle and back!... and (it turns out) he's brought his collection of wild animals with him! Oh dear!... Find out what happens here!

YouTube Videos and stuff

The Millipede (Part 1)

Join Martyn and his little firend, William F., as they venture into the dappled shadows of Eastham Woods, on The Wirral in search of... The Millipede!

Luckily, they find a few (as well as some other mini-beasts and bugs) and even though they seem a bit sleepy, they manage to stir them into life and watch as they glide effortlessly through the undergrowth on their many, many little feet.

The Millipede (Part 2)

Check out the whacky "GIANT Dandelion" opening sequence!

In this episode, Martyn takes us through the steps to draw, ink and paint his millipede cartoon - which will eventually go into his new book "Bugs, Beasts & Biscuits" (due out Spring 2021).

If you love drawing and want to learn a few tips, this is the one to watch!

The Wurm (Part 3)

Earthworms do wonders for the environment in which they live - enriching and ventilating the soil through which they burrow. But (it turns out) not everyone likes them!

Joined by Mr McAuley (reading Martyn's poem "The Wurm") in this episode, Martyn then goes in search of the infamous and legendary "Enormous Eastham Woods Wurms"... and finds - they're even bigger (and scarier) than he thought!!!

SLUG!! (Part 4)

OK, if you like WURMS - you're going to LOVE this one!

Using sound effects and choice, juicy, slippery, slimy words, Martyn takes us on a voyage of discovery... about the humble garden slug! Also, if you like taking things sloooowlyyyy... then this is great! Enjoy!

Oh... and watch out for the unexpected (funny) last scene!!

The Weevil

Deep in the dark, damp, sunlight-dappled depths of Eastham woods, we find the Weevil family, chomping away on some nice, rich rotten wood!

Martyn takes a little excursion into the woods to see if he can spot some weevils, as the subject of his poem "The Weevil" (soon to be published in his collection "Bugs, Beast & Biscuits" (Penzance Press, Spring 2021).

Well, he doesn't see any weevils but... apparently, they see him!

The Spider!...

Not for the squeamish!

Watch and listen as Martyn reads one of his favourite poems - about a rascally, murd'rous spider who, one fine September afternoon, traps and eats a "harmless" fly"!

Set in a courtroom, where the other little bugs sit in the jury box, listening to a pompous barrister try to wheedle a confession out of the spider! But the spider is no fool and, with wile and wit, manages to change the judge's opinion and get the case thrown out!

All good so far but, now he's free... who else does the spider have his eye on!

FREE Colouring Sheets!

Bored? Nothing to do? Spend some quality time colouring and reading. These great black & white colouring sheets are based on scenes from our books, so if you love the books, make the fun go even further with these!

from Squiggly Pete the Pirate...

Squiggly Pete - his first self-portrait!

Squiggly Pete loves drawing. Here's an early drawing he made... Of himself!


1.4 MB

Squiggly Pete - looking for the chip shop!

Squiggly Pete loves his fish and chips... But where's the chip shop?


1.4 MB

Squiggly Pete's Pirate Crew

Squiggly Pete goes to sea with his loyal chums, Little Jack and Lucy Lu!


1.6 MB

Squiggly Pete draws some weapons!

Squiggley Pete draws a nice sword for Little Jack and a Blunderbuss!


1.6 MB

The Crew show some Teamwork!

Squiggly Pete's Crew show initiative and Teamwork when rescuing a trapped cat!


1.5 MB

Lucy Lu leads in an Emergency!

Lucy Lu takes the initiative and leads the way, helping the lads up onto the wall!


1.5 MB

Pete uses a Hoover to clear up the mess!

Using his imagination, Squiggly Pete draws an enormous, strange machine!


2 MB

Squiggly Pete draws a Rocket Ship!

Squiggly Pete attaches a couple of rocket engines and goes into space!


2 MB

from The Boy with the Saucepan Hat...

We're working on lots more Colour & Read sheets for kids to enjoy. We hope to have a lot more for you in the next few weeks but here are a few from The Boy with the Saucean Hat, for now. We hope you enjoy! (And don't forget to sign up for the Newsletter, below, so you know when they're posted here!)

Ollie goes to hospital

So... off Ollie went, with his Mum and his Dad, and this kid called Alan - his mate...


2.75 MB

The Doc is confused...

"What have we here?" he said. "Were you trying to cook your own head?!" The saucepan shook slowly from side to side…


2.21 MB

"Perhaps we should make perforations"

(he said) "…for his hair to grow…that would be wise!" The nurse picked up the drill...


2.21 MB

Draw Along... Character Design page

This one proved to be enormous fun when we did school visits in March 2020, as part of World Book Day.

Using any combination of eyes, noses and mouths (not to mention the funny ears and hair) why not explore the characters in your mind with this simple-to-use drawing sheet?

Character Design page - Fun!

Download this Character Design page and draw along with Martyn Harvey on Instagram, Facebook and this web site!


2.9 MB

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More FREE Stuff

Hey Parents and Kids! We're going to be uploading some great, FREE downloadable things for you to print, colour and do, including:


More Read & Colour pages


Puzzles & more...

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Want to learn to draw?

We're currently recording a series of "How to..." videos showing you how to draw things like:

Cartoon people

Cartoon animals

Cartoon facial expressions

We're going to be uploading these vids and pictures to Facebook and Instagram. The facebook page "Martyn Harvey The Poet" will feature more of Martyn's poetry, videos of readings, "How To..." drawing and painting demos and blog posts following the story of publishing the books.

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Martyn Harvey's first book , "The Boy with the Saucepan Hat", is available to buy NOW on Amazon and right here on this web site (if you don't have an Amazon account).

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Schools and Libraries

We can supply schools and libraries with books at discount rates for bulk orders.

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